| 10 Pillars of Choose Mental Health

  • Mission Driven

    All actions should drive our mission. Choose Mental Health raises funds and awareness for children’s mental health needs in America. These funds allow families to be empowered and provide a clear treatment path for sustained wellness.

  • Value Of The Team

    We believe in finding and recruiting smart passionate people who seek to help others more than themselves. We work together to build something bigger than the individuals doing it. Together, we deliver powerful mental health outcomes for children and youth.

  • Effective Fundraising

    All fundraising initiatives must support a mission-centric plan. We embrace planning, building and fostering quality new relationships which in-turn drives fundraising.

  • Customer Service

    We believe in being attentive to our customers. This includes prompt professional courtesies with an eye on the mission.  The “mint on the pillow” is our standard. All communications, interactions both inside and outside the company, provide opportunity to build the Choose Mental Health brand and the movement in children’s mental health.

  • Financial Stewardship

    Financial stewardship and transparency is required at all levels. All transactions, contracts, agreements and spending will honor the purpose and spirit of the mission. Using all the available budget is never the goal, rather spending to accomplish mission critical goals, is.

  • Empowered Choices

    Empowered choices means consciously asking “why” behind every decision of substance. Strategically picking our course is what will keep Choose Mental Health powerful and relevant.

  • Effective Storytelling

    Tell the story of Choose Mental Health in a narrative that a 10-year-old child can understand. Be precise, be clear, be short and most importantly be passionate about the incredible work being done.

  • Children Are The Customers

    We serve all youth in America. An international community, beautiful because of their diversity and needs. Changing mental health for children is our mission.

  • Mission Driven Partners

    The financial strength behind Choose Mental Health are our corporate and member partnerships. Empowering our partners with excellent service and attention is only the beginning. Promoting, shopping at and bragging on them publicly promotes loyalty. We never take any partner for granted and will strive to build long-lasting relationships that support a bright future for children.

  • Integrity and Loyalty

    Integrity and loyalty inspires personal actions, relationships, customer service and all aspects of our business and personal lives. Be loyal to each other and to our mission. Build integrity with consistent honesty, kindness and reliability.