Enabling Industry Change

Choose Mental Health is building a core group of residential programs that choose to live a higher standard of care. This higher standard far exceeds government and industry accreditation requirements and is the foundation that families can trust.

Our “Industry Change” Initiative


All helping professionals are tasked with the charge to “first, do no harm.” Though regulating bodies closely oversee treatment programs, an important voice is missing–that of the clients themselves. Choose Mental Health programs are required to collect confidential, unmonitored feedback directly from children and parents as they leave treatment. This feedback culminates in important metrics surrounding safety, care, and program culture. Member programs must “pass” key thresholds to be included and remain active in the network. Choose Mental Health programs are “client-approved.”


Choose Mental Health is opening the doors of awareness to families who need premium residential mental health help. These residential treatment providers are leaders in the mental health field. They deliver results that others can not. Through cooperation and innovative solutions more people are learning about these services.


Premium residential care is for children and youth facing the most critical needs. Historically this premium care has only been available to wealthy families. Through cooperation with member providers and Choose Mental Health more families are now receiving this incredible service.

Our Network Provides

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