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OREM, UT — Mar. 16, 2021 — Choose Mental Health, a nonprofit that supports awareness of and treatment for children’s mental health, announced the launch and rebrand. Previously known as Youth Champions Charity, Choose Mental Health offers educational resources for children’s mental health. The nonprofit’s mission is to provide the parents of struggling children with greater access to mental health resources like our network of residential treatment centers.


The rebrand from Youth Champions, which was founded 13 years ago, was made to simplify and more clearly define the organization’s mission to focus on mental health awareness. Choose Mental Health is partnering with national and global companies, plus celebrities, to “change mental health for children by empowering families in every way.” Its founders hope to help parents and other adults recognize the signs of mental health struggles in children, and equip them to help their children before a condition has a chance to escalate. 


“We have kids and families living in duress. They live life while in public, but they come home and fall apart. It happens to families every single day,” says Dan Pontius, CEO and President of Choose Mental Health. “Choose Mental Health is a place to come and learn and find answers.”

Pontius was appointed as the CEO and President of the organization because of his experience serving children for two decades. Pontius left an executive position serving children with mental health needs to take the reins at Choose Mental Health. 


Choose Mental Health currently has partnerships with 12 residential treatment programs in the country, but the nonprofit hopes to one day have a network of about 100 programs to which families can be referred. Its library of mental health resources for children and adults will also grow over time. The library contains videos, blogs and other written materials featuring licensed mental health professionals.

Pontius says Choose Mental Health will be “a force in the nation for mental health — a beacon and safe place.” With today’s kids exhibiting such high rates of mental health issues, as well as increasing incidences of teen suicide, Pontius believes the nonprofit’s work will be powerful, particularly with strong support. 

“I am challenging every company, media outlet and individual in America to stand up and fight for our children. Help us put child mental health needs on the map and crush it with overwhelming support, resources and funding,” Pontius says.



Choose Mental Health is changing nationally the approach to mental health for children. As advocates for our nation’s youth, we must do better. Our children need a stigma-free space to explore, communicate and get answers, real answers on how to solve mental health problems.

Kids and youth deserve our best mental health solutions, help and support. They deserve to not be afraid of their thoughts. They deserve the best we can give them. By supporting Choose Mental Health you are standing up for 20 million children and youth with chronic or debilitating mental health needs suffering right now.

Choose Mental Health needs your best, to give help to children who need our best.

Join us and make mental health a positive topic.

Founded in Orem Utah, Choose Mental Health leads the mental health movement. Nationally determined to leave the world and our children and youth better than we found them. We invite individuals and corporations to stand up for our most vulnerable children population. Contact gro.h1679961601tlaeh1679961601latne1679961601mesoo1679961601hc@of1679961601ni1679961601 for more information.

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