What We’re About

Choose Mental Health is changing nationally the approach to mental health for children. A stigma-free space to explore, communicate and get answers, real answers on how to solve mental health problems.

Kids deserve our best answers, help and support. They deserve to not be afraid of their thoughts. They deserve the best we can give them.

By supporting Choose Mental Health you are standing up for 20 million children and youth with mental health needs who suffer right now.

Choose Mental Health demands industry Accountability, Availability and Affordability of treatment.

Join us and make mental health a positive topic.


We are children’s mental health in America. Through fundraising and awareness, making mental health okay to talk about, learn about and ask questions about. Providing access and resources to families who don’t know where to find it. Offering hope and solutions that are now available to everyone.


Family centered treatment. Finding a program that heals not only the student but includes the family is powerful in the healing process.


Learning Center. In an industry that is clouded by shame and fear, Choose Mental Health is providing answers, insights and options that take away shame and fear and replace them with conversations, answers and hope that begins with a library of learning taught by licensed professionals who specialize in helping children and youth. LEARN MORE 


Need more help? Each family is treated with dignity and respect regardless of need or ability to pay. It is important to know that Choose Mental Health provides resources for families including our network of providers to address the most complex cases. Not everyone will qualify for placement and that might be good. Working with therapists and clinical professionals at home is always a great option if the student is seeing success. How To Pick A Therapist

Choose Mental Health cooperates with a network of providers who live a higher clinical standard than is required by the government or industry accreditations.

Success is based on clinical excellence. It is earned through transparency, analysis and accountability to a therapeutic process that adjusts for the individualized treatment of the student. Choose Mental Health is committed to helping families find success.

Solving your child’s biggest problems and finding answers to your deepest fears is a great journey to be on. Choose Mental Health is on your side.

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