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Choose Mental Health supports children and youth who need help here in America. We take mental health from the shadows to a face-to-face experience, changing thousands of lives in the process.

Become a Corporate Partner

Becoming a Choice Corporate Partner™ is a partnership that delivers a business case for success. Your business can set up corporate donations to mental health resources and give back to the youth of your community.

Choose Mental Health partners enjoy the following benefits:

  • Choosing a movement that changes the lives of children every day
  • Making one decision to help your community that supports all our national locations
  • Branded as a CHOICE Partner
  • Halo effect from being a great corporate citizen
  • Joining a national marketing platform that supports our partnership (seen by 1000’s daily)
  • Part of a network of major corporate brands and providers who get to know your company

To talk to a real person about getting involved, email gro.h1679958752tlaeh1679958752latne1679958752mesoo1679958752hc@of1679958752ni1679958752

You can also call (801) 871-5446‬ to donate or mail donations to 870 W Center Street | Orem, UT 84057.

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