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Available to everyone, a powerful new library of resources. Begin your mental health journey learning from the best in the industry with tips, training and therapeutic secrets that all visitors now have access to. This is kind of a big deal. Parents can use the training to help kids at home. Teachers can use to help students in the classroom. Civil servants can use to help children who are most vulnerable. Quality help and answers are now at your fingertips.

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Most children and youth needing mental health help work best with local therapists.

Read Questions to Ask a New Therapist

If your family has been in treatment for months and have found no improvement, residential (live away from home) programs might be the next course of action. These centers use proven clinical treatment with measurable outcomes and often, decades of success. If you feel this might be an option begin by filling out the referral form.

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Not all applicants will qualify for residential care. Only the most severe cases are considered. Less severe are treated by local mental health professionals.

If you find you qualify for placement residentially there are specific guidelines and participation requirements for families that will be included. There is no sugar-coating this, it is hard work but in the end there is a light that replaces the darkness and there are sustainable long term solutions that lead to a healthy life.